Lake District Biogas Ltd is managed by Directors Tom Northway, Mark O'Dowd and Gordon Archer, who have extensive combined experience in business, renewable energy technologies, and biogas projects in particular.


Tom Northway

Tom has held senior sales and distribution roles for asset managers, banks and life companies, and has over 14 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

In addition to the above, Tom also runs a consultancy specialising in asset finance, renewable energy and fund distribution. He is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority as having held CF30 positions.


Mark O'Dowd

Mark has been prominent in the energy sector since 2006, and advises on the interests and risks associated with Property Acquisition and Disposal, Grid Connection Contracts, Supply Agreements, and Regulatory Financial Support such as FITs, ROCs, RHI, LECs and REGOs, as well as diligence required for energy projects.  

After training and practicing in Commercial Contracts and Property at Bishops/Brodies Solicitors, Mark joined Gately's in 2007 as Director of Operations to set up the firms first UK energy team, which he did until setting up Renewables Unlimited LLP in 2011 and Energy Law Unlimited in 2013, both of which he oversees as Partner and Legal Director. 


Gordon Archer 

Gordon previously worked in management consultancy, advising a broad range of public sector clients in strategic management issues. He also spent three years as Senior Adviser in the leader's office of the Scottish National Party, and worked for the Wise Group where he looked at opportunities for training and employment for young people in renewable energy. 

Gordon is Partner and Commercial Director at Renewables Unlimited LLP, and is currently leading the development of their strategy for anaerobic digestion and associated UK opportunities.